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Print a Test Page...

Updated: 12/23/2021 02:59 PM

Applicable Programs: 1099 Express, 1095 Express, 1042-S Express

This action is used to quickly print out an example page. This action will always select and print an example 1099-NEC form (in 1099 Express) and 1042-S form (in 1042-S Express). The 1095 Express program currently missing the file used to print a test page but is a known issue.

First you need to make sure to close any open files or you will get a message to 'Close File First'. Once the file is closed, click 'Print a Test Page...' and you should see the 'PageSetup' screen. Manipulate any of the settings as needed following the information on the 'PageSetup' documentation page.

Once all settings are set as you like, click the 'Print' button. This should pull up your windows 'Print' dialog box. Select your desired printer and options then click 'Print'. Depending on the selected printer and settings, you should now have your desired example test page.

Note: All of our forms are designed to print as a letter size page that will trifold and should fit properly by default into a No. 9 windowed envelope as shown below:

Example image of the address label showing in an No. 9 windowed envelope.

If you need to print a form that you created, please follow the instructions on the 'Print (Create) LASER FORMS' page.

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