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Print (Create) LASER FORMS

Updated: 12/07/2021 03:29 PM

Applicable Programs: 1099 Express, 1095 Express, 1042-S Express

This action is used to print out any data that is currently loaded in the program. If there is no data loaded into the program (no data in the grid), then you will get a message that says, 'No File Opened'. To fix this, click on 'File' (in the upper left corner) -> 'Open'. If you can't find your file, try using the 'File' -> 'Re-Open' action. Select the file that you want to print from and then try selecting this action again under 'File' -> 'Print (Create) LASER FORMS'.

When this action is selected, you should then see the 'PageSetup' dialog box. Manipulate any of the settings as needed following the information on the 'PageSetup' documentation page.

Once all settings are set as you like, click the 'Print' button. This should pull up your windows 'Print' dialog box. Select your desired printer and options. Note that the page number(s) in this dialog box represent the specific form/line number in the grid. Selecting specific pages will only print those pages. Once all settings are correct, then click 'Print'. Depending on the selected printer and settings, you should now have your desired items.

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