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Paste from Excel by Header Name

Updated: 12/23/2021 03:48 PM

This action is used specifically when importing data from excel to the program. The order of the fields/headers does not matter with this process. The only thing that needs to be done is that the headers on the first line of your excel document must match the field/header text at the top of the grid in the program (see image below). As long as the names are matching, the data will be moved into the correct column in the program.

NOTE: The fields 'RecType' and 'FormType' should never be filled from excel! Filling these from excel can cause issues when trying to build your file for the IRS or cause the program to submit the wrong form to the IRS.

Example displaying the excel example and the 1099 Express program.

Testing this in the program is very simple. Every install of the program contains a sample excel spreadsheet that can be used to see this action occur. Please note that the W-2 Express program does not have this sample excel spreadsheet option but still does have the 'Paste from Excel by Header Name' option.

  • To start, click on 'File' -> 'Open Sample Excel Spreadsheet' (this option is towards the bottom of the 'File' menu) and then wait for excel to open the sample spreadsheet.
  • When excel opens you should see part of the grid is already selected/highlighted.
  • Right click (right mouse button) on the selected part of the excel grid and choose 'Copy' (you can also use the windows copy shortcut 'Ctrl + C').
  • Now go back to the 1099 Express program.
  • Click on 'Edit' -> 'Paste from Excel by Header Name' or right click (right mouse button) on the yellow grid and select the 'Paste from Excel by Header Name' option.
    • Example of where the Paste from Excel by Header name option is below the 'Edit' tab. or Example of the Paste from Excel by Header Name that shows when right clicking on the yellow grid.
  • Once you select the option, you should see your data populate into the yellow grid.
  • Scroll through all of the lines in the grid and make sure that all your forms are present. If they are not, repeat the same process with the missing data.
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