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Change a Payee/Employee

Updated: 12/27/2021 11:14 AM

Shortcut Key: 'Enter' while record in grid is selected

This action will open up the selected form (the form displayed when you click this depends on the 'Selected Form') so that you can edit the data for that specific record. This window is commonly referred to as the 'Data Entry Window'.

If you have entered the filer information, it will display in the correct location on the form that is displaying. This information cannot be changed inside this dialog box. See 'Options' -> 'Filer (Company) Information' (depending on the program this name could vary slightly) for more information on changing the filer's information.

When clicking the 'OK' button, if any data that is required for the record to be valid is missing, you will get a small message box stating what data needs to be filled in. This data must be entered before closing this dialog box. Clicking cancel will clear all data from the box and not add it to the grid/file.

Always make sure to save your file after editing a recipient's information.

Note: Depending on the form you have selected and the program you are using, this dialog box may appear differently.

Example of the Data Entry form from the 1099 Express program with the form 1099-NEC selected.

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