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Filer/Employer's (Company) Information

Updated: 12/27/2021 10:27 AM

This action opens up the 'Company/Filer Information' dialog box (the name may be different depending on the program). This dialog box is used to fill out all information relating to the Filer or Employer (Company). There are four tabs used for filling out all the information needed by the IRS. These tabs are 'Payer's ID No.', 'Names', 'Special', and 'Re-Populate'.

Payer's ID No.

This tab contains the 'Program Year', 'Tax Year' entry, and the place to entry your Company's/Filer's Tax ID Number (TIN).

Example of the Payer's ID No. tab inside the Filer/Employer's (Company) Information.


This tab contains the entry boxes for the Company's/Filer's information. This information includes the name, address, and phone number. Depending on your situation, some or all of this information may be filled in. If you are missing information, the program will warn you before this window can be closed. Make sure that in the 'Contact Person' area that every box has the correct information in it or has 'NA' in it or this window will not close.

Example of the Names tab within the Company's/Filer's Information dialog box.


This tab contains some settings for the specific file. There are 3 options that you can choose to select in this tab.

  1. The ability to enter a foreign address for the Filer ('Filer is Foreign').
  2. <Name2 is Transfer Agent>
  3. The ability to send the records in the given file to the states using the IRS's Combined Federal/State Filing program (CF/SF). This option can be forced for all files filed through the program with the 'Transmitter' settings. By default, we (1099Express.com) file all files uploaded to us for filing with this option forced enabled.

The button 'States Help' will open the help index of the program to the information about the CF/SF program.

Example of the Special tab in the Company/Filer Information dialog box.


This tab is used for quickly filling all of the previous tabs' information with data that you had entered into the program before. There are a few helpful actions that you can do on this tab to easily change or manipulate your current file's Filer.

  • To pull this information from the previous year's program, as long as the previous year program is installed, you just need to click the 'Get Last Years' button.
  • To clear the Filer from the current file so you can enter a new Filer, click the 'New' button.
  • To remove a Filer from this list, while the Filer is selected (highlighted), click the 'Delete' button.
  • You can enter search for the filer you want to use by using the 'Search Box'. Note that this search box will try to find the item per a 'Contains Search'. This means that the text you typed in is searched directly for and will not show a result that does not have the exact text that is in the search box. If the filer you are looking for does not show up, you should try only using small amounts of text to search to increase the chances of finding the record. To keep searching through the list after the first search, click the 'Search Again' button.
    • 'Search From Top' will find the first occurrence of the text you entered into the search box.
    • 'Search Again' will continue through the list finding the next occurrence of the text you entered into the search box.

Example of the Re-Populate tab inside the Company/Filer Information dialog box.

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